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The corporate world is awash in conflicts, hostile takeovers, and convoluted situations between investors, Boards of Directors, and Chairmen. Often when an individual in being wronged in the corporate world, they will turn to an independent corporate advisory firm like Lincoln Crowne & Company. Lincoln Crowne & Company specializes in issues involving Mergers & Acquisitions. Lincoln Crowne & Company is based in Sydney, Australia, and advises both Australian and internationally-based clients. Some clients even receive advise on cross border opportunities.

Lincoln Crowne & Company can advise clients in a number of ways, including how to structure a company for quicker development of shareholder value, legal issues, conflicts between parties in corporate disputes, etc.

Lincoln Crowne & Company makes use of game theory, knowledge about the legal framework as it concerns Mergers & Acquisitions, experience with valuation analysis, and a track record of successful negotiating and deal structuring. This large toolbox of corporate resources makes the firm a good friend to have in your corporate corner.

The Executive Chairman of Lincoln Crowne & Company is Nick Assef, who has a great deal of experience with advising corporations in various situations. Often, the conflicts he handles have been extremely contentious, but Nick Assef is a specialist at structuring deals which are acceptable compromises to all parties, even when those parties have hostile business relationships.

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